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Sedentary life style, office work and lack of time for the prophylactic exercises – all these things lead to spine diseases.

If you feel pain in neck, thorax and lumbar regions of the spine a qualified doctor vertebrologist will be able to help you. Using manual correction the doctor will help to eliminate the discomfort associated with back muscles strain and will improve your posture if necessary. The vertebrologist cooperates closely with osteopaths and masseurs and together they will do everything possible to avoid a surgical intervention.

Consultation 30 minutes 15 C.U.
Consultation secondary 30 minutes 9 C.U.
Manual therapy against pain 30 minutes 19 C.U.
Manual therapy against pain (control) 30 minutes 15 C.U.
Therapeutic blockade 30 minutes 19 C.U.







Back pain treatment:

Laser biostimulation 10 minutes 6.90 C.U.
  20 minutes 14.90 C.U.
LED Photobiomodulation 30 minutes 24.90 C.U.
Acoustic wave therapy EWATage 1 zone 29.90 C.U.






* Payment in MDL. The C.U. is equal to 22 lei

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