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Doctor trichologist is your personal consultant who will elaborate an effective individual programme for treating and preventing hair and scalp diseases.

The most typical problems which can be solved by our trichologist are hair loss, seborrhea (dandruff), worsening of hair quality.

Hair diagnostics is performed using the last generation equipment. A special high resolution camera instantly determines hair density per square centimeter, measures hair thickness in different scalp zones, studies the scalp condition and hair and follicle structure. If necessary, you will be sent to additional examination and consultations by allergist and gastroenterologist.

There are no analogues to the individual author trichology programme, and its particular characteristic is hair care based on the application of 100% herbal products with no chemical ingredients. The result is amazing! The most important thing is that you can see the effect immediately: hair becomes thicker, more voluminous and beautiful as early as after a single treatment.

Consultation and hair diagnostics 1 hour 19 C.U.
Consultation and execution of hair phototrichogram 1 hour 19 C.U.
Consultation and phototrichogram secondary 30 minutes -
Trichometry 30 minutes 15 C.U.
Overview diagnosis of the scalp and hair 30 minutes 9 C.U.







* Payment in MDL. The C.U. is equal to 22 lei

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