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Feeling bad, catching colds and viral infections, feeling always tired are the reasons to address to a therapeutist. The doctor will listen to you attentively; will do examination, if necessary will prescribe laboratory tests which you will be able to give without leaving Medazur Med Spa. Our qualified therapeutist will ensure your health, because the doctor will put the right diagnosis, will prescribe a correct treatment, as well as will give you recommendations on your way of life so as you can get well faster. If required, our therapeutist will advise you to consult another medical specialist. You can completely trust Medazur Med Spa professional therapeutist!

Consultation 30 minutes 18.90 C.U.



Ozone therapy

“Medazur Med Spa” is practicing the most modern methods of Ozone therapy used in medical spa centers in Germany. The effectiveness of the German school of Ozone therapy has been proved by the numerous scientific researches. It is different through the fact that Ozone therapy is used in combination with naturopathic preparations; they complement and reinforce each others’ effects, having a complex action upon the organism. 

The advantages of Ozone therapy in “Medazur Med Spa”:

  • Certified physicians, who studied in Baden-Baden, Germany 
  • German equipment of the latest generation
  • Unique German programs:
  • body detoxification: for urban residents, for patients who have had kidneys diseases, in chronic intoxication (alcohol, smoking, drugs administration) 
  • Increasing working capacity, activity, memory capacity, concentration.

Ozone therapy is very well tolerated and practically has no side effects. The improvements can be noticed as early as after a few sessions! 

Major Auto Hemo Therapy starting from 49.90 C.U.
Minor Auto Hemo Therapy starting from 19.90 C.U.





* Payment in MDL. The C.U. is equal to 22 lei

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