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Our highly qualified rheumatologist will help you get rid of the joint pain, will consult you if you have rheumatic arthritis, osteoporosis etc.

Combining medicines with injections if necessary and using modern machine procedures the doctor will save you from unpleasant symptoms and will bring the joy of movement back to you!

Consultation 30 minutes 17 C.U.
Consultation secondary 30 minutes 9 C.U.

Joint pain treatment:

Diprospan Intraarticular injection 1 vial 10 C.U.
Hyalgan Intraarticular injection 1 vial 10 C.U.
LED Photobiomodulation 20 minutes 20 C.U.
Treatment of calcaneal spur 30 minutes 27 C.U.










* Payment in MDL. The C.U. is equal to 22 lei

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