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One of the best specialists in the country provides you consultations at Medazur Med Spa. The competence of gynaecologist-oncologist covers treatment of gynecological diseases, pharmacotherapy of cervical erosion, early diagnosis of cervical precancer and cancer with the help of digital colposcopy (Karl Zeiss, Germany). If necessary, we will perform sampling for cytological and histological examination.

Our experienced specialist will select an effective method of contraception; will introduce an intra-uterine device if necessary.

Here you will benefit from integrated high-class service: a modern heated gynecological chair, a possibility to have all the tests in one place: from a simple smear and inoculation for venereal diseases diagnostics to viral infections and cytology done.

We use only disposable gynecological supplies.  

Consultation 30 minutes 15 C.U.
Consultation secondary 30 minutes 9 C.U.
1st treatment regimen   12 C.U.
2nd treatment regimen   24 C.U.
Colposcopy 15 minutes 19 C.U.
Smear sampling for cytological research 10 minutes 6 C.U.
Smear sampling for urogenital infection 20 minutes 6 C.U.
Biopsy 15 minutes 19 C.U.
Intra-Uterine Device introduction 15 minutes 19 C.U.
Introduction of Mirena IUD 15 minutes 75 C.U.
Intra-Uterine Device removal 15 minutes 9 C.U.
Removal of Mirena IUD 15 minutes 25 C.U.

















* Payment in MDL. The C.U. is equal to 22 lei

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