Weight loss/reduction

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Weight loss/reduction


Developed together with European colleagues, Perfect and Healthy Body Special is meant to correct figure, normalize weight and get rid of cellulite.
If there are no contraindications, 10 integrated treatments of the Perfect and Healthy Body Special express program within 20 days will allow losing weight from 3.5 to 5 kg, reducing body dimensions at least by one size, and decreasing cellulite manifestation by one level.

The program also guarantees the bonus of high efficiency, firm velvet skin, the feeling of well-being, confidence in oneself.

The Perfect and Healthy Body Special, apart from an express variant, also offers medium and strong programs for those who want to increase the duration to achieve better effect.

For accessing the Special there is a need for a consultation with the coordinating physician.

Duration: not less than 20 days


This Special targets weight loss, reduction in abdominal dimensions, and efficiency increase in men.

Just 10 treatments within 20 days will make you feel physically excellent, and your second half will admire your athletic body.

You will gain confidence in yourself, vivacity, high energy and quick thinking as a gift from this special.

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