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Age is the state of mind and positive energy.

Medazur Med Spa offers special program Youth and Beauty that allows staying young and attractive for a long time and includes the whole spectrum of rejuvenation methods existing nowadays from beauty treatments to newest medical technologies (alternatives to plastic surgery).

The program shall be fully individualized according to your special needs and expectations.

The treatments are safe, effective and convenient, with minimal rehabilitation period.

It is time to change!

The result will allow you to see the world in different colors, while an ingenuous smile and eyes shining with happiness will make any face beautiful.

Try to imagine life beyond time.


The programme is designed for different age groups and is aimed at combating one of the most common skin diseases – acne – with varying degrees of severity.

The author’s programme “Healthy and beautiful skin” has a complex influence on your skin. This programme helps you to restore, clean, detoxify your skin as well as close up your pores.

The procedures included into the programme are aimed at removing edemas and preventing inflammation, stimulating blood supply, dissolving infiltrates, normalizing the function of sebaceous glands, favoring epidermis regeneration and renewal, and as a result preventing appearance of tissue scars.

The special program is provided for different age groups and different degrees of skin disease severity, one of the most frequent of which is Acne.

Complexion improves with each further treatment, skin vitality and balance restores, and as a result you have smooth and pure skin!

Before undergoing and prescription of individual treatment, we recommend you to make an appointment with our dermatologist of higher category.


This is an individually selected special spa programme. The first step is the hair diagnostics, then, in the case of need, the trichologist prescribes you a course of treatment. Restoration and care based on environmentally pure components in the form of fresh herbal infusions, oils, vitamins and minerals. Such an approach from within improves hair nourishment and blood supply, as well as hair structure and scalp condition.

This special spa programme makes your hair shine, will give it elasticity, as well as will protect and moisture it before and after the vacation.

It is recommended to undergo professional digital hair diagnostics before the special program.

Healthy Hair:
• Is a real hair spa treatment!
• Is the most significant product in spa cosmetology!
• Is an individual formula of herbs, oils, and massage techniques to achieve the client’s desired result!
• Is hair rejuvenation: improves the quality of damaged, weak and thin hair, optimal procedure upon shine loss, dry seborrhea, oily seborrhea, dandruff, hair loss.

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