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Medazur Med Spa offers you Detox. Slenderness. Tonicity special program to obtain guaranteed long-term desired result: body detoxification, immune system strengthening, rejuvenation.

Preliminary professional consultation and diagnostics performed by an experienced coordinating physician combined with the high skill of our specialists make this special program highly effective.

The most advanced medical and spa treatments, unique special massage techniques, caring hands and friendliness of our specialists are waiting for you!

One of the most important phases of the programme is the systemic ozone therapy – a modern and safe treatment method that implies use of medical ozone, which possesses a powerful healing action, as well as German naturopathic preparations.

This comprehensive programme optimally selected for you will be supplemented by dietary recommendations, vitamins and minerals, physical activity, phytotherapy procedures.

The programme includes different stages which can be passed gradually or selectively:

• Body warming up and lymphatic drainage procedures conducted by the use of a combination of manual and machine methods which contribute to removing excess liquid and metabolic products causing body intoxication.
• Recommendations on proper nutrition and consumption of exclusively those products contributing to body cleansing and detoxification, detox cocktails.

Super detox
• Complex of medical procedures freeing the body of toxic and ballast substances.

Super detox – is a combination of ozone therapy, intensified by naturopathic preparations (Germany), phytotherapy and lymphatic drainage procedures.

Strong immunity
• Detoxification.
• Systemic ozone therapy intensified by naturopathic preparations (Germany) with strong immunomodulatory effect.

After undergoing this programme you will be filled with lightness, vivacity and will feel a burst of energy. Your vitality will increase, enabling you to cope with tasks that were previously beyond your power. And the most important thing – the days which seemed gray and gloomy heretofore will be filled with moments of joy and unforgettable emotions again!

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