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Doctor coordinator and author programs

Author’s Programmes

Weight loss/reduction

Developed together with European colleagues, Perfect and Healthy Body Special is meant to correct figure, normalize weight and get rid of cellulite.
If there are no contraindications, 10 integrated treatments of the Perfect and Healthy Body Special express program within 20 days will allow losing weight from 3.5 to 5 kg, reducing body dimensions at least by one size, and decreasing cellulite manifestation by one level.

The program also guarantees the bonus of high efficiency, firm velvet skin, the feeling of well-being, confidence in oneself.

The Perfect and Healthy Body Special, apart from an express variant, also offers medium and strong programs for those who want to increase the duration to achieve better effect.

For accessing the Special there is a need for a consultation with the coordinating physician.

Duration: not less than 20 days


This Special targets weight loss, reduction in abdominal dimensions, and efficiency increase in men.

Just 10 treatments within 20 days will make you feel physically excellent, and your second half will admire your athletic body.

You will gain confidence in yourself, vivacity, high energy and quick thinking as a gift from this special.


Age is the state of mind and positive energy.

Medazur Med Spa offers special program Youth and Beauty that allows staying young and attractive for a long time and includes the whole spectrum of rejuvenation methods existing nowadays from beauty treatments to newest medical technologies (alternatives to plastic surgery).

The program shall be fully individualized according to your special needs and expectations.

The treatments are safe, effective and convenient, with minimal rehabilitation period.

It is time to change!

The result will allow you to see the world in different colors, while an ingenuous smile and eyes shining with happiness will make any face beautiful.

Try to imagine life beyond time.


The programme is designed for different age groups and is aimed at combating one of the most common skin diseases – acne – with varying degrees of severity.

The author’s programme “Healthy and beautiful skin” has a complex influence on your skin. This programme helps you to restore, clean, detoxify your skin as well as close up your pores.

The procedures included into the programme are aimed at removing edemas and preventing inflammation, stimulating blood supply, dissolving infiltrates, normalizing the function of sebaceous glands, favoring epidermis regeneration and renewal, and as a result preventing appearance of tissue scars.

The special program is provided for different age groups and different degrees of skin disease severity, one of the most frequent of which is Acne.

Complexion improves with each further treatment, skin vitality and balance restores, and as a result you have smooth and pure skin!

Before undergoing and prescription of individual treatment, we recommend you to make an appointment with our dermatologist of higher category.


This is an individually selected special spa programme. The first step is the hair diagnostics, then, in the case of need, the trichologist prescribes you a course of treatment. Restoration and care based on environmentally pure components in the form of fresh herbal infusions, oils, vitamins and minerals. Such an approach from within improves hair nourishment and blood supply, as well as hair structure and scalp condition.

This special spa programme makes your hair shine, will give it elasticity, as well as will protect and moisture it before and after the vacation.

It is recommended to undergo professional digital hair diagnostics before the special program.

Healthy Hair:

• Is a real hair spa treatment!
• Is the most significant product in spa cosmetology!
• Is an individual formula of herbs, oils, and massage techniques to achieve the client’s desired result!
• Is hair rejuvenation: improves the quality of damaged, weak and thin hair, optimal procedure upon shine loss, dry seborrhea, oily seborrhea, dandruff, hair loss.


Medazur Med Spa offers you Detox. Slenderness. Tonicity special program to obtain guaranteed long-term desired result: body detoxification, immune system strengthening, rejuvenation.

Preliminary professional consultation and diagnostics performed by an experienced coordinating physician combined with the high skill of our specialists make this special program highly effective.

The most advanced medical and spa treatments, unique special massage techniques, caring hands and friendliness of our specialists are waiting for you!

One of the most important phases of the programme is the systemic ozone therapy – a modern and safe treatment method that implies use of medical ozone, which possesses a powerful healing action, as well as German naturopathic preparations.

This comprehensive programme optimally selected for you will be supplemented by dietary recommendations, vitamins and minerals, physical activity, phytotherapy procedures.

The programme includes different stages which can be passed gradually or selectively:

• Body warming up and lymphatic drainage procedures conducted by the use of a combination of manual and machine methods which contribute to removing excess liquid and metabolic products causing body intoxication.
• Recommendations on proper nutrition and consumption of exclusively those products contributing to body cleansing and detoxification, detox cocktails.

Super detox
• Complex of medical procedures freeing the body of toxic and ballast substances.

Super detox – is a combination of ozone therapy, intensified by naturopathic preparations (Germany), phytotherapy and lymphatic drainage procedures.

Strong immunity
• Detoxification.
• Systemic ozone therapy intensified by naturopathic preparations (Germany) with strong immunomodulatory effect.

After undergoing this programme you will be filled with lightness, vivacity and will feel a burst of energy. Your vitality will increase, enabling you to cope with tasks that were previously beyond your power. And the most important thing – the days which seemed gray and gloomy heretofore will be filled with moments of joy and unforgettable emotions again!

Rehabilitation and Stress Management

This program is specially designed by coordinating physicians of Medazur Med Spa and European consultants to stimulate all the body defenses.

To resist infections, one has to be calm, which means not accumulating and timely relieving stress. Also, there is a need for enough sleep and balanced diet.

The coordinating physician shall select for you a complex that will include recommendations on diet, vitamins, minerals, herbs, as well as special massages targeting stress relief and immunity increase based on the experience of oriental medicine.

As a result you will get:
* Durable immunity
* High capability
* Excellent well-being
* Good mood


Life is beautiful and full of all kinds of pleasures, one wants to enjoy it to the full and as long as possible. It is nice to feel oneself full of energy, health, but here comes Its Majesty Stress … Nobody is protected against it in our modern times, and from the sense of rhythm we pass to the inner sense.

If stress is about tension than relaxation is the state of calm and tension relief.

Medazur Med Spa offers you full RELAXATION.

The philosophy of the center is based on individual approach to every guest and allows affecting the body as an integral system, awakening its vital force and energy potential.
A special technique of touching, the sounds of forest and sea, aroma-, phyto-, phono-, balneo- and thalassotherapy, vitamin therapy make each treatment unforgettable and create a special atmosphere in our spa center.

We propose you to indulge in a magic fairy world and give yourself unforgettable moments of pleasure.

Give yourself a chance to get easily convinced in it!


Stop Varicose special program is based on an exclusive approach to the process of vascular system rehabilitation and sparing lower limbs from varicose.
Exploring life style, detecting the reasons for varicose appearance, unique diagnostic tests combined with the method of strengthening vessels from within result in a long-lasting desired outcome.

Thanks to modern German equipment, the hardening process takes place under exact automatic check. And the most important is that you can get the desired effect in the short run! Our know-how is highly effective and safe!

The program starts with a primary consultation by a highly professional surgeon Rusu E.


Nowadays backache has become almost an epidemic since more and more people have been leading sedentary life style, their work being more often related to office and not supposing active physical exercise.

Back is a complex structure consisting of great number of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves and blood vessels. It is the most complex system and its recovery has to be integrated as well. It is very important for you to come to see a specialist at the first signs of a disorder, which are not limited to pain, but also include quick exhaustion, unpleasant feeling in back area after monotonous activities, long seating or standing. Very few people know that back problems can lead to a whole range of other symptoms and internal organ disorders, such as headache, eye disorders, kidney diseases, etc.

We all know that it is better to prevent a disease than treat it, and if you are part of the “risk group” and have to seat or stand long hours, or lead a sedentary life style, you are also likely to have the signs of back disorders appearing in you.

Medazur Med Spa offers you a Healthy Back special that will help you remove and prevent troubles with your back.

The program consists of integrated treatments that can vary depending on your individuality: these are manual and machine methods of back muscle warm-up, relaxation, stretching and muscle-skeletal correction.

Such integrated treatment gives amazing results. Backache goes away, your posture is beautifully astonishing, headache disappears completely and you feel full of energy and confidence!

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