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Mr. Puscasu is the head of the Medical Department and has been working at the center since 2007. He has rich experience in aesthetic medicine, laser treatment and machine phototherapy. He improves his professional knowledge regularly and with great pleasure by taking part in international trainings and conferences. Mr. Puscasu is unique in performing injecting rejuvenation treatments (mesotherapy, biorevitalization, contour correction). He performs these treatments delicately as if he “saw through skin”! Calmness, kindness, individual approach to each client – is the “handwriting” of Mr. Puscasu.




Mrs. Madan has been working with the center since 2004, in the course of which she has made significant achievements in her field. Deep knowledge and skills obtained during internships at famous CIS clinics, participation in conferences and European trainings – all these allow her give consultations and unique medical treatments at high professional level. Mrs. Madan shows exceptional attention and care for every client, she always knows what will bring them maximum result and comfort, protection and feeling of safety. Drive for new knowledge and work ethics inspire big credit of trust with clients who consider her the best specialist in endermology in the republic.



Mr. Deaghilev is a highly qualified specialist in laser therapy, general recreation with elements of reflex therapy, medical mesotherapy and aesthetic dermatology. He has been working at the center since 2004. Constant improvement of knowledge in advanced laser technologies and experience accumulated over many years let him effectively implement new achievements of esthetic medicine in practice. Mr. Deaghilev is a unique specialist in laser medicine, as he performs laser rejuvenation, pealing, scar and cicatrice correction, benign skin lump removal exactly and safely. Mr. Deaghilev has studied injecting methods of medical and esthetic mesotherapy under the guidance of experienced and competent mesotherapists of France, lecturers of Paris Medical Department of Pitie-Salpetriere: doctors J.J. Pirren, K. Bonne, Patrique-Lauren Borgue. Decency, kindness, modesty, well-informedness make communication with this specialist unforgettable.


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