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Spa etiquette


If you are in our spa center for the first time ...

Appointment – The Guarantee of Your Comfort

We value your time, so we offer you to coordinate the date and time of your visit, as well as treatment or consultation you would like to get in advance. We recommend you to start with a short consultation with a specialist to establish your current wellbeing, as well as goals and priorities when choosing treatments at Medazur Med Spa. Please, let us know your medical contraindications (if any) and the desired gender of therapist.

Come Early

We recommend coming 10-15 minutes before the appointed treatment in order to switch from the city fuss to peaceful and quiet pace, to tune into the treatment and to enjoy it fully. You may also take a shower before the treatment, if you wish.

If you are late and there is an appointment with another guest after you, we will have to reduce the time of your treatment in order not to keep other guests and not to frustrate their plans.

If you miss any of the course treatments, the final expected result will be unfortunately reduced.


If for certain reasons you would like to cancel your appointment, please let the administrator know as soon as possible. We will highly appreciate if you can do it at least 4 hours before the planned visit. Treatments cancelled less than 2 hours before their beginning are charged.

We Guarantee Health and Safety

Our team of experienced professionals in their trade will really help solving any medical issues for you to feel healthy and to look better. As required and as desired, we will carry out full diagnosis and prescribe the necessary type of treatment. Our physicians/doctors coordinators will develop the most effective plan to reach the desired goal of treatments both for your face and body corresponding to your individual needs and goals.

Drinks and Meals

We recommend abstaining from taking heavy food at least one hour before and after treatments. If you are hungry, spa barman will offer you light balanced vitamin spa food, desserts, fresh fruit, juices and tea. We have spa cocktails at our café that enhance and accelerate treatment effect.

True Spa Style Rest

Medazur Med Spa is a smooth and quiet spa rest for your spirit, mind and body. For our guests to be able to enjoy the tranquility of our spa, we kindly ask you to observe silence and switch off mobile phones. Dedicate the time at our spa center to proper rest and health improvement.


We offer robes, towels, single-use pieces: slippers, hats, hair ties, linen, as well as shower gel.

The majority of our body treatments and massages are performed on naked body. In order to preserve you intimacy, our spa therapists will wrap you in sheets or big towels and will bare only the parts of the body to work with in turn. Spa treatments are strictly individual and are meant to achieve full calmness and relaxation, that is why take as much of your clothes off as you feel comfortable.

After Spa treatments your body will carry natural moisturizing oils and creams, therefore we recommend putting on clothes of easy-to-wash fabrics.


to your spa therapist. It is your time and you have to enjoy it to the full. If you would like to change the temperature in the room, the degree of exercised pressure, loudness and choice of music, or you prefer silence, tell it to your spa therapist. The Spa therapists working for our center come from the Orient and speak English, so in case you need help with the translation, the reception staff will be very happy to help you. We all want you to have a great time and we will do our best to make it happen.

Take Care

Do not expose you body to direct sunlight straight after the treatment. If you have exfoliating or oil-based massage, wait at least 12 hours before taking sun baths or going to the sun parlor.

Extend the Pleasure

If you have liked anything in particular, you can buy it in our spa center for home use.

If possible, plan you visit so that you could take a little rest in our tea room (located at the spa floor) or relax room (located at the medical floor). This will allow you extending the feeling of good rest and you will feel how your body fills up with strength. 

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