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Spa-food - an easy and healthy way to have a snack

If you have not managed to eat, we offer you the opportunity to have a snack in the style of Spa. The spa-food will provide you with the necessary vital energy and nutrients. You will have an excellent health status and an enviable physical shape!  

Spa Nutrition

All-natural home-made yoghurt
(including take-away package)
135 g. 1.10 C.U.

Home-made yoghurt with stuffing
(lecithin /seasonal fruits/nuts/honey)

135 g. 1.90 C.U.

Specialty cheese cake
(including take-away package)

1 helping 1.70 C.U.

„Vita Baby“ nutrition for babies:
Carrot nectar with pulp
Apricot nectar with pulp
Carrot, pumpkin sauce

180 ml 0.90 C.U.

* Payment in MDL at the exchange rate of the NBM for the day of payment










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