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About Department

Cosmetology is a magic science giving beauty to people. When choosing a facial care program, Medazur Med Spa beauticians approach the wishes of each client individually, taking into consideration the desired outcome, skin condition, age and even the season. An additional pleasant and memorable advantage consists in the pleasant sense of relaxation, the feeling of delight and joy that will stay with you long after the treatments.

Cosmetology at our center is conventionally divided in classical and machine methods that combine with each other quite well.

Under Classical Cosmetology we have manual techniques and facial massage that our specialists have a perfect knowledge of. These are treatments like manual deep pore cleansing, complex facial care, different massages targeting skin moisturizing, nourishing, lifting, and lymph drainage. Offered different complementing cosmetic masks contribute to achieving a perfect result.

Machine cosmetology implies usage of physiotherapeutic methods to enhance classical techniques, which provides deeper and more quality impact of all active substances on skin. Medazur Med Spa offers micro-galvanics and iontophoresis, microcurrent therapy, laser therapy, d’arsonvalization, unique machine face, neck and décolleté massage. 

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