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Cosmetic products


Foot care line «Gehwol» (Germany). 

We are pleased to offer you «Gehwol» product line for medical foot care, which exists for over 135 years already. All the products are created only on the basis of natural and hypoallergenic ingredients. Baths, balsams, creams, lotions, ointments of this line allow not only performing daily cosmetic care, but also solving many problems concerned with your feet health.

All products are combined in several directions:
FUSSKRAFT - modern products based on mountain pine oil used to solve serious aesthetic problems.
SPECIAL PRODUCTS - are based on know-how - healing ingredient that protects skin from corns and rubbing.
UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS - preparations to solve everyday problems, presented in the full cycle of foot care
GEHWOL-MED - preparations for diabetic foot care.
PROTECTION PRODUCT, COMFORT + special plasters for feet comfort.


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