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Classical cosmetology


Models, tones up, tightens the skin, improving the face contours. The uniqueness of this care lies in the fact that the specially prepared mask acts chemically and physically on all layers of the soft tissues of the face.

The modeling care is based on the action of the following active ingredients: extract from marine source containing calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus – enhancing by 50% the work of the cells and by 74% the protection against free radicals.

In our center, the effect of this mask is enhanced by plastic facial massage preceding the mask.

Intensive treatment course – 4 procedures once per week.

And if you care indeed about how you will look „tomorrow”, it is recommended to have this procedure done systematically (each week).

60 min 37 C.U.

* Payment in MDL. The C.U. is equal to 21 lei

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