Summer 2016 in Medazur Med Spa

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Summer 2016 in Medazur Med Spa

Лето 2016 в Medazur Med Spa

Plunging headlong into summer!

Unique German method of ozone therapy in the clinic Medazur Med Spa includes a combination of systemic intravenous ozone therapy with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals complex in combination with the German natural drugs that stimulate detoxification and cellular energy transfer.

Duration 40 minutes

Price from 49,90

New!  Guest card   «Beauty news»

After a visit to the medical department from 50 u.c. and more, you become the owner of the individual Guest card, in the amount of  5 u.c. from every procedure, which you can use to book the following services:

  • Lift 6
  • Omnilux
  • Complu Lift

Eco facials and body treatments on Vinoble cosmetics

Ultra deep moisturizing your skin with a laser

Best summer moisturizing procedure - laser gel mask

Taking a course of 6 treatments, get 1 treatment for free!

Duration 25 minutes

Prices from 27,90 u.c.

Certified Nutritionist

Will develop an individual program for you:

- Normalization of immunity

- Food for allergy sufferers in the acute / chronic form of illness

- Food for patients with co-morbidities who want to adjust their weight

- Weight correction

• Initial consultation with the analysis of dietary habits

Duration: 2 hours, a summer offer -15%

• Diagnosis and analysis of body composition

Duration 30 minutes, a summer offer -15%

• Diagnosis of body composition on the program

Duration 30 minutes, a summer offer - 50%

• Secondary nutritionist consulting

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes, a summer offer -20%

Bestsellers! Exclusively in Medazur Med Spa

... Slim silhouette, smooth tightened skin, reducing the volume – is it a reality?

YES! Comfortable, nice, all on a natural basis, without surgery.

Unique procedures - Bestsellers!

• Vinoble Contour wrapping

• Vinoble Silhouette wrapping

• Whisky wrapping

• Liposuction without surgery - EWATage, Switzerland

Discounts mentioned in the scheme are activ under condition of performance basic and additional procedures in one visit.

Make one of the above procedures, and you will see the effect and get pleasure!

New! The life-giving moisture for your hair.

In the summer hot season, enjoy the relaxation, let the life-giving moisture and dazzling brilliance to your hair!

• Enzyme Peeling - optimally and effectively cleans and protects the scalp for 2 - 3 weeks. Ideal in case of:

- A slight loss of hair

- Insolation

- Increased greasy hair

- Dandruff

Duration 30 minutes

Price 17.90 u.c.

• Hair Mojito Bath - based on natural ingredients menthol and peppermint has a cooling effect and relieve stress and fatigue. And also stimulates the production of keratin for  hair strengthen

Duration 45/60 minutes

Price 13,90 / 17,90 u.c.

Deep hair conditioning

The unique technology of deep conditioning Silsoft which seals the hair allows to keep and retain moisture in the hair, while protecting them from external negative influence of the sun and wind.

Duration 60/75 minutes

The cost of 22.90 / 28.90 u.e.

• new generation Pro Fiber Care - Instant guaranteed result.

New regenerating complex Aptyl 100 gives tremendous results in 3 directions:

- Rectify / Correction - a small degree of damage to the hair when touched only the cuticle.

- Restore / Restore - the average degree of hair damage when hit kutilula and cortex.

- Reconstruct / Reconstruction - for heavily damaged hair, exposed to constant heat and chemical attacks.

Duration 90 minutes

Price 69.90 u.c.

New! Deposit card "Summer 2016"

This summer, after pedicure treatments you receive a deposit - 10% of the cost of this service, that you can use on the stylist services from 23 u.c.  and more

This deposit is valid until the following procedure Pedicure summer 2016.

After having any procedure in the Department of Beauty, you get a 12% price advantage for all cosmetic products in Medazur Med Spa.

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