Snow Queen – harmony between beauty and winter!

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Harmony between beauty and winter!

Winter 2014-2015 in Medazur Med Spa

1. Author's beauty recipe from Medazur Med Spa:

Smooth skin, smooth complexion without pigment spots and varicose veins, lack of fine wrinkles and expanded pores – this is our beauty recipe for you! This winter you are a real queen!

For the Medazur Med Spa club members:

 Face skin photo-rejuvenation + Laser gel mask with club discount

 - 17% for the premium organic cosmetics VINOBLE, Austria

 - 17% for the cosmetics based on hyaluronic acid and amino acids PROGLYME, Italia

 The German cosmetics Biodroga, Baden-Baden for free – offer valid only for the 

Mono procedures per visit – face:

 Face skin photo-rejuvenation

 Laser gel mask 

 One face product PROGLYME, Italia to choose from (cream / serum / mask) for free

procedures per visit – face, neck, décolleté:

 Photo - rejuvenation

 Laser gel mask 

 Get the anti-aging serum from VINOBLE, Austria for free - for a healthier, radiant and beautiful skin, the serum actively fights against premature aging of the skin and eliminates wrinkles

Course of 3 procedures at intervals of 1 month:

 -10% for each photo-rejuvenation procedure 

 Laser gel mask on the photo-rejuvenation day 

 Restoring face mask “Princess”, Austria for free - only for the first 100 guests!

 - 20% for the 4th photo-rejuvenation procedure

Before starting the course, it is recommended to perform a cosmetic facial cleansing.

2. Youthful glow

The unique complex of rejuvenating procedures will make your skin supple and radiant, smooth out the wrinkles and tighten the delicate skin around the eyes.

 Face photo-rejuvenation 

 Radiofrequency rejuvenation e-Matrix of the eye area 

 A moisturizing and anti-aging eye mask with hyaluronic acid and amino acids after each e-Matrix procedure for free

The complex of procedures is recommended already at the first signs of aging after 30 years.

Your face will exudes brilliance and juvenescence!

3. Fraxel Technology –

The most radical skin rejuvenation procedure performed without surgery!

The procedure will renew the skin, improve its structure and quality, and as a result – expressed facelift.

You will look significantly younger without surgical intervention and general anesthesia!

 A three-procedure course guarantees an effect that lasts up to 5 years!

 Only now - fractional rejuvenation of the whole face for just  3316 MDL!

 After the fractional rejuvenation you choose from:

- 17% for a face bio-revitalization procedure 

- 25% for anti-aging serum from VINOBLE, Austria - speeds up the recovery process after the laser procedure and improves its effect!

New and safe machine is the only one of its kind in Moldova and the most efficient one in Europe!

4. Biorevitalization –

optimal facial skin hydration and nutrition which  provides skin with hyaluronic acid and amino acids, contained in the biorevitalization-based products.

 4 facial skin bio-revitalization procedures Jalupro

 for  a procedure with a product of prolonged action Jalupro HMW

Winter - time to take care of your skin​!

5. Lifting during lunchtime

 Hardware-based lifting facial massage Lift-6

 Duration – 30 minutes

 Recommended course -10 procedures

 - 25% for home-care organic products from Vinoble, Austria after the Lift-6 course 


6. The shortest path  towards a shapely silhouette

 10 procedures of hardware body massage LPG/Starvac to choose from

 A walk on the Thermo-Spa water bed for free!

A walk on the Thermo-Spa water bed – a great addition to the LPG and Starvac silhouette modeling procedures, it optimally prepares the body for the procedure, improving the overall result. Thermo-Spa – a procedure giving unique effects and sensations!

In Moldova, this procedure is available only in Medazur Med Spa!

 procedures of LPG / Starvac hardware body massage to choose from

 1 additional LPG / Starvac procedure for free

 Get a body cream with hyaluronic acid, which will make your skin soft and supple
 for free

  6 procedures of acoustic wave therapy EWATage (from 3 zones)

 Hardware-based body massage Starvac for free

After each hardware-based body massage

 - 20% for VINOBLE SILHOUETTE and VINOBLE CONTOUR – effective silhouette modeling procedures

The unique products based on a pure and natural active ingredient derived from grapevine known as viniferine, used in the procedure, accelerate the breakdown of fat in cells and fight against cellulite.


7. 3D- Thread lifting with use of 3D meso-threads  –

maximum strengthening of the skin!

 -25 % when using more than 30 threads

The most advanced treatment for face and body skin strengthening!

The Thread Lifting creates an elastic carcass into the skin, eliminates the sagging skin and improves its quality, smoothes the wrinkles.

Without surgery! The achieved effect lasts up to 2 years!

The offers are valid from 22 November 2014 to 28 February 2015 г.

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